Mandeville Fathers' Rights Attorney

Questions and concerns regarding fathers' rights can arise in several areas of family law, including paternity actions, child support and custody determinations, and adoptions. If you are a father and require assistance with a legal matter involving you and your child or children, the Law Office of Virginia Erwin Sirera, LLC, is ready to assist you.

Virginia Erwin Sirera is a Mandeville father's rights lawyer who provides trusted, honest and compassionate representation to fathers. In addition to serving the Greater New Orleans area for more than 20 years, she is qualified as a court-appointed mediator. Whenever possible, she can guide you toward a mediated resolution rather than a costly and time-consuming court room battle.

Do You Have Questions About Paternity, Visitation Rights and Other Legal Matters?

Family laws are gender-neutral. However, as a father, you may feel at times as though you have taken on the role of the secondary parent. Virginia Erwin Sirera strives to protect her clients' rights and uphold federal and state gender-neutral laws. She offers this service in several types of practice areas, including the following:

  • Paternity: Virginia Erwin Sirera represents fathers in paternity actions. If you would like to establish paternity of a child, or if a mother of a child has brought a paternity action against you, she can help. She can answer your questions regarding a DNA blood test as well as your parental rights and responsibilities once paternity is established.
  • Child support and child custody: Whether you are an unwed father or are going through a divorce, Virginia Erwin Sirera can help you navigate the situation and arrive at fair and workable child support, custody and visitation determinations.
  • Adoption: Are you a stepfather who would like to legally adopt your spouse's child or children from a previous marriage or relationship? Virginia Erwin Sirera can assist you in the process. Are you a father who is being pressured to terminate your parental rights? She can assist you in filing with the Putative Father Registry to ensure you are given notice regarding having your rights terminated prior to an adoption proceeding.

Contact a St. Tammany Parish Custody Attorney at the Law Office of Virginia Erwin, Sirera, LLC

If you are a father with legal questions regarding you and your child or children, Virginia Erwin Sirera can provide a straightforward approach to resolving your concerns. She offers a reasonable fee structure, and off-site, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged. Contact her Louisiana law office online or call 985-276-9943 for a consultation over the phone or to schedule an appointment.