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At the Law Office of Virginia Erwin Sirera, LLC, attorney Sirera has developed a reputation with the courts and other attorneys as a trusted, honest and compassionate St. Tammany Parish family law lawyer. Serving in the Greater New Orleans area for more than 20 years, she is qualified as a court-appointed mediator counseling families on how to resolve their issues in the best interests of all parties involved.

Mandeville, St. Tammany Parish Family Mediator

Relationships between parents impact children in a myriad of ways, especially during divorce. With the goal of fostering good relationships with both parents, attorney Sirera looks toward the future and works with both sides to facilitate mutually agreeable solutions. She is mindful of tactics to minimize costs and of the fear and uncertainty that divorcing families go through when determining child custody, visitation and support agreements.

Allocating community or marital property, assets and debt can also be cause for contention and strife. There are strategies to avoid liquidating funds such as transferring them to another spouse so they do not lose any value or incur any fines, fees or taxes. Ideally, couples will get along during this process to better protect the interests of both parties. However, if necessary, there are techniques to employ to determine if a spouse is hiding assets.

Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements offer couples the ability to protect property and assets obtained prior to marriage. They also clarify financial rights and responsibilities during marriage and can protect one party from assuming the debts of the other. Prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy as there are other benefits to consider beyond premarital assets and property.

Covington Adoptions Attorney

The adoption process can be complicated and confusing, but with an experienced adoption attorney to help you navigate and streamline the process, it can be a very positive and rewarding experience. Attorney Sirera assists families with intrafamily adoptions, which can be sometimes be completed in about 90 days. Agency adoptions are more complicated and can take upwards of six months to a year.

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Family law issues may seem daunting to some, but an experienced attorney can help guide you through them so you can focus on your family and your future. Virginia Sirera offers a straightforward approach to resolving all your family law concerns with a reasonable fee structure. Off-site, evening and weekend appointments can be arranged. Contact her office at 985-276-9943 for a consultation over the phone or to schedule an appointment.