Attorney Virginia Erwin Sirera understands the challenges families face during the difficult time of considering divorce. If young children are involved, it is essential to maintain a calm and open line of communication between parents to allay children's fears and ensure that their well-being remains a top priority. As a Mandeville, St. Tammany Parish divorce lawyer, Sirera offers a straightforward, personalized approach to families in transition.

In Louisiana, if you have children under the age of 18, you are required to wait 365 days from the service of divorce papers before filing for a Rule to finalize divorce. The state is acutely aware of the importance of family and the laws surrounding divorce and parents with young children reflect this by ensuring that children have all the resources necessary for their health and well-being. Determining child support amounts may seem simple enough, but it is important to thoroughly review all financial data to determine an accurate amount. In Louisiana, the issue of child support can be revisited at any time if circumstances change, such as losing a job or receiving an increase in pay.

Mandeville, St. Tammany Parish Child Custody Lawyer

Determining child custody can be difficult and drawn out, especially without an experienced mediator to ask the necessary questions and work with both parents to resolve issues. Once custody is determined, visitation rights and schedules are negotiated. Parents need to work together on this or the court can appoint a social worker to decide the matter. An experienced attorney such as Virginia Sirera can help you navigate this difficult situation and find a resolution that works for you.

Slidell Community Property and Spousal Support

Louisiana is a community property state, which is a term used to determine ownership of marital property, or property acquired during a marriage. Determining separate property from community property and how to divide it can be simple or complex. If couples do not agree on property division, the court will decide the matter.

Spousal support can be interim (granted while a divorce is pending) and/or final and periodic, which is granted after a divorce is final, and only to a spouse found free from fault in the dissolution of the marriage. Because Louisiana is a pro-family state, it may grant a more generous interim support amount in hopes of fostering reconciliation. Interim support serves another purpose in that it makes both parties think about their financial futures and determine if they can afford to stay in their current home and keep up with household bills.

Mediation Services Available

Virginia Erwin Sirera is also available for select referrals as a mutual mediator in civil and family law matters in Louisiana.

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The Law Office of Virginia Erwin Sirera, LLC, uses mediation so that you, not a judge, can make decisions that are best for your family. When advising couples considering divorce or separation, she provides them with some idea of the outcome of the case and how things might look in the future so they are comfortable with their decisions. For tough, yet compassionate representation, contact me at 985-276-9943 for an initial consultation.