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The delicate details of divorce proceedings must be handled with extreme care and concern for your family's well-being. Virginia Erwin Sirera does exactly that as a Mandeville, Louisiana, child support attorney and mediator representing individuals and families throughout the North Shore area in some of the most important legal issues that they can face.

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Child custody is a common issue in divorce and is one that must be considered from all angles. Ultimately, the most important element to consider is the well-being of the child or children involved.

Child support can oftentimes be an area of contention during divorce proceedings. In reality, this topic should be regarded as crucial to the health and well-being of the child or children involved.

Rather than having parents think of how to minimize his or her child support payments, or maximize the amount of money he or she receives from a noncustodial parent, focus should remain on what is appropriate and fair. A child of a divorce will fare better if both parents are able to be financially secure while still providing for the child's needs.

Paternity and legitimacy issues occur when there are questions concerning of who is the biological father of a child. These issues also arise when the paternity is not disputed, but the parents have never married, but need to assure they have parental rights in the eyes of the law.

Contacting Virginia Erwin Sirera can help you work through the complicated child support, child custody, or paternity issues you are facing.

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